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research with Google

Company Information

When Google Earth was first launched, we were blown away by the potential. It inspired us to create a dynamic and challenging armchair travel game where the possibilities are endless.

Out of that inspiration, EarthContest.com was born.
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In our efforts to create a free, fun, educational and challenging game we have succeeded. The response has been overwhelming and the game is now being played by thousands of players like you.

Our newest game, scheduled to launch in January 2006 in a completely virtual world with thousands and thousands of fictional locations. To win, you must solve mysteries, travel, and complete puzzles to defeat The GameMaster.

We encourage team play since more brainpower is helpful to win and the challenges get harder as you play!

Stay tuned for the largest and most complex game that has ever existed!

We encourage you to contact us by mail:

Rio World Class LLC
Attn: Earth Contest
PO Box 102722
Denver CO 80250

or contact us via our online form.

Good Luck!


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