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EarthContest.com Advertising

EarthContest.com offers advertising and sponsorship products to enhance your corporate branding and exposure. In addition to the packaged products described below, we are also willing to co-develop custom ECEngine (see below) solutions that meet your needs.

EarthContest.com offers new and innovative ways to advertise including virtual ownership of placemarks!

Advertisers, Sponsors, and Partnerships:
EarthContest.com provides opportunities for company branding through URL linking, image displays, multimedia commercials (including audio/video). Advertising provides opportunities to display your advertising in association with EarthContest.com products.

ECEngine (EarthContestEngine)
Custom Game and Sponsored Content:
EarthContest.com provides opportunities for companies to develop specific or custom content under private label and co-branded solutions. Companies provide the textual and graphical content for the ECEngine, and EarthContest.com provides the technical support for delivering, managing, and creating the content. We can achieve your vision by providing first-class development and support. ECEngine solutions can be updated easily to provide dynamic content.

ECEngine Ideas:
Product Endorsements & Tie-Ins
Scavenger Hunts
Real Estate Tours & Virtual Ownership
Educational Curriculum & Training
Mission/Scenario Planning
There are many others...

Logo Branding Packages:
Logo branding packages are available for both inner-game, newsletter, and rich media.

Video Commercial Packages:
Digital video branding is available for EarthContest.com products. Digital video commercials can be static images, full motion video, animations, and other media.

We encourage you to contact us our online form

or by mail:

Rio World Class LLC
Attn: Earth Contest
PO Box 102722
Denver CO 80250



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