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Press and Mentions
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10.22.08 Earth Contest Relaunches "Who Killed Gary Eggerson" With New Features EarthContest Official Release
04.22.07 Earth Contest Launches Beta Game RHUSH EarthContest Official Release
01.14.06 Earth Contest First Game Attracts Over 60,000 People Worldwide EarthContest Official Release
12.17.05 Earth Contest Launches Free Revolutionary Immersive Online Game EarthContest Official Release
12.17.05 Earth Contest relaunch? Ogle Earth
10.14.05 Certainly the game with the most integration with Google Earth... Google Earth Blog
10.07.05 A new online reality game... Google Blogoscoped
10.06.05 Games and geography... two of my favorite things... EdGames
10.06.05 Defeat the GameMaster with creative strategies... Inside Google
10.06.05 The Worlds First Earth Game Digg
10.05.05 Some Google Earth devotees out there might be interested... Search Engine Watch


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